RTTC is committed to creating a coherent and interlocking technical training system that prepares students for progressively advanced careers within the growing sectors of the regional economy; and to strengthen relationships and commerce/contracting/sub-contracting between small businesses, and corporations, educational and research institutions, and government agencies.


Founded in 1994, RTTC with a history of success in training and placing local residents with regional employers such as SBC, Chiron, the Port of Oakland, BART, BrightPoint, CH2M Hill and Macy’s.

RTTC works to both bring together local business leaders to determine current and projected employment and contracting opportunities, and to prepare individuals and small businesses so that they have the specific skills needed to secure employment and contracts. The participation of local business and political leaders is what makes the RTTC unique - it serves the needs of both unemployed and underemployed residents, and small businesses as well as the region’s major employers.

RTTC believes that while employment training and small business certification services are important, they are most successful when directly linked to current and projected opportunities. In order to accomplish this, the RTTC:

  • Provides Bay Area with the technical training needed to secure entry-level positions in biotechnology, health care, environmental and information technology, and hazardous waste management
  • Provides employers with employees trained, certified and qualified to meet their current and projected industry-specific needs
  • Assists small, local and emerging businesses in securing contracts and subcontracting opportunities; and in developing business relationships with public agencies and large businesses
  • Advocates for an integrated system of training and education that will support regional economic growth, and provide youth and workers of all ages with high-skill, high-income career paths